Some Common HVAC Problems

You must keep check on your HVAC systems from time to time to identify the faults or issues that might call for hvac repair Denver or replacement. So what are the common problems that you might face with your HVAC system? Well, the post below offers a brief on some usual problems with your HVAC systems.


Polluted air filter

This is one of the most usual problems you will face with your HVAC machine and it’s a must to change the air filter after every thirty days. If the unit is not clean, it won’t be able to run effectively which will make the motor work harder- burning more energy which in turn will cut short the lifespan of your unit. Consider it as breathing.

Refrigerant leaks

This is another major issue you can face with your HVAC units. If there are leaks in your refrigerant, the unit won’t be capable of cooling up the air. Thus, if you are not getting a cooler ambience, check for the leaks. Little leaks at valves are usually the cause & it’s better to hire a pro technician to address the situation. The professionals are equipped with right equipments to locate the leak properly which is always not possible with your DIY knowledge.

Sensor issues

Your HVAC system cycles on & off on the basis of temperature detected by thermostat sensor. In case, the sensor is in trouble, your AC won’t be able to identify when to exactly turn on & off. Thus, if your AC is not behaving as per the demand of temperature, you should check out the condition of your thermostat which might need a repair.